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Founded in late 2007, OnlyKnives is intended for all blade buffs — amateur chefs, sporting knife aficionados, and martial arts weapons collectors.

We spotlight reviews and discussions of all kinds of knives — if it’s got an edge, it’s on our radar.

We feature manufacturers such as Shun, Victorinox, Randall Made and others.
When we look at blades that can be purchased, we link to reputable sellers who can offer these knives at excellent prices. When we write about collectibles, we link to eBay listings where genuine blades can be found and provide hints on how to spot forgeries.

We know that not all knife buffs care about all types of blade — sword collectors, for example, might not know care about chef’s knives. But we’re confident that all blade heads will discover at least one thing that they’ll find unique.

OnlyKnives uses the WordPress blogging platform and a modified copy of the RedSplash WordPress Theme for our design.

Whenever they review products, OnlyKnives authors pride themselves on producing objective and fair evaluations. But, to provide full disclosure, it must be stated that following an outbound link from OnlyKnives to a partner retailer and subsequently purchasing a product at that retailer’s site may result in a sales commission being paid to OnlyKnives.com.

Product manufacturers sometimes send their products to OnlyKnives for review. OnlyKnives accepts these products for review but does not allow this to influence the outcome of a review. OnlyKnives makes no promises that the product will be given a positive review, or even that it will be reviewed at all. Manufacturers are notified of this policy in advance of sending their products to OnlyKnives.

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