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Alexander Crateros Dragon Sword & Hidden Miniature by Marto

Fantasy Movie Replica 17 Inch w/ Wood Grain Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Alexander Crateros Dragon Sword &This isn't the full-sized version of the sword swung by Crateros in the film Alexander -- but it's an accurate scaled replica with the quality construction of a good Bowie knife.

Manufactured by Marto of Toledo, Spain, the Dragon Sword of Crateros measures 17-1/4 inches with pinned burlwood handle slabs and a matching polished hardwood scabbard. Marto created this replica weapon in two styles, so fittings could be either antiqued nickel silver or polished bronze. Details include a cast metal dragon pommel, which also acts as part of the hand grip. The design of the sword is faithful to the movie prop sword wielded by Rory McCann as Crateros, one of Alexander's allies in the 2004 Oliver Stone production. McCann's role was based on the historical figure Craterus, a Macedonian general who served under Alexander the Great. The real Craterus outlived his leader, eventually dying on a battlefield near the Dardenelles of Gallipoli, Turkey, when his charging horse fell and crushed him.

As a bonus feature, Marto of Spain includes a miniature version of the Dragon sword which rides in a side sheath on the hardwood scabbard. The smaller knife measures only seven inches in length and lacks the dragon pommel. The small blade does copy the style of the larger sword and is made from the same materials.

Marto produces many other excellent replica weapons, including swords patterned after weapons in the Highlander series and from the movie Conan the Barbarian. For a good replica sword in the Conan style, see the Conan the Barbarian Father Sword.

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