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AMPCO Fireman’s Emergency Pick Axe, Nonflammable

Fire Proof Safety Tools

Posted by JT Hats

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ampcoaxSince I don't spend much of my time in high rise buildings, I don't see many firemen's axes -- though in many places, they're a standard part of the landscape right next to the fire extinguisher in the hallway. The AMPCO Fireman's Pick Head Axe could provide that same level of emergency protection for your home. The axe features good qualities you may never have considered important.

Emergency situations often involve hazardous gas leaks. An axe striking a hard object could create a spark and set off a flash fire or worse. This professional quality fireman's axe isn't ordinary high carbon steel -- which makes one of the largest sparks possible and can be used as emergency fire starter, intentionally. The non-magnetic yet corrosion-resistant head of the Fireman's Axe won't spark. Both OSHA and NFPA approve it for use where flammable dusts, gases, and other explosive materials are a problem.

Another common dilemma -- the blocked exit -- is the reason the Pick Head Axe still is standard fire department equipment. Any home emergency plan has to include a way out, and this Fireman's Axe creates one. The heavy chopping blade quickly removes obstructions like blocked doors or walls, and the pick side of the head crumbles masonry and concrete block. The current AMPCO Fireman's Axe comes equipped with a non-conductive fiberglass handle ten times stronger than the wooden version. Many people who survived the hurricane flooding in New Orleans had a hatchet or chopping axe stashed in the attic, just in case. The AMPCO Fireman's Pick Head Axe is an even better idea.

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