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Assassin’s Creed Fighting Knife

Fantasy Dagger Sword | Altair Ibn La-Ahad

Posted by JT Hats

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Assasin's Creed Fighting Knife If you're a fan of the video game adventure Assassin's Creed, take a look at this real life remake of the tool of Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad's trade in his war against the machinations of the Knights Templar. While it does tend towards the fanciful, with an elaborate but functional chest harness and scabbard and a decorative cast metal handle, this dagger from the game worlds has a real knife look. Twenty-two inches in overall length -- including a 15-1/4-inch high carbon stainless steel blade -- could only be concealed if you wore the robes of the Assassin's Guild.

The blade is sold unsharpened and probably should stay that way unless you're prepared to risk the minimalist suede sheath. The meaning of the mystical symbol engraved on the chest piece remains unknown -- except perhaps to high level players of this popular game. As we drift slowly closer to the magical year of 2012, which sets the stage for this story, it may be wise to gear up.

Building a fantasy knife that doesn't look silly is a real challenge. Although the complex harness is a little puzzling, the overall impression is of something that really could work if you wore flowing robes. Today, wearing this outfit in public would be unwise. Either leave it on the armoury wall or exit via the time machine. But even considering that it's a fantasy knife, this is an interesting piece of work that outshines most of the game memorabilia out there.

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