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Bear Grylls Survival Knife by Gerber, Serrated

Outdoor Emergency Kit Handle w/ Whistle, Firestarter & Sharpener 31-000751

Posted by JT Hats

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Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Knife,Bear Grylls, British SAS veteran and outdoor survival show star, collaborated with Gerber to produce this interesting and very capable survival knife and kit. Unlike some survival knife combos which try to provide too much and wind up with little that works, everything here is functional. You get just the basics, but you get features to actually use.

The ten-inch-long fixed blade presents a drop point knife blade 4-3/4 inches long with a combo serrated edge. The serrated portion slashes tough rope and natural cordage easily. There's still enough plain edge for finer work -- a necessity if you're building primitive equipment and shelters. The textured rubberized grip prevents slips either to the front or the back, and the knife's solid steel pommel was designed for hammering.

The knife and sheath also include several handy survival tools and tricks, including an emergency whistle built into the lanyard cord and a ferrocerium permanent match in a fitting on the sheath. The match locks in place for storage but removes completely for convenient use. The spine of the knife blade includes a section designed for striking sparks from the rod, so you won't risk damaging the knife. A diamond-grit sharpening tool is also included in this small but effective kit.

If you can't remember all the useful tips from the Bear Grylls series, land-to-air rescue procedure steps are printed on the back of the sheath and a Bear Grylls survival guide stashed in the pocket behind the back panel. That might seem like cheating to some, but many of us remember slogging through rice paddy country with the mandatory copy of the Army's Guide to Mines and Booby-traps in our back pockets. Never hurts to have some reading material.

See the Tool Logic SLP2 for a smaller survival knife and firestarter combination.

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