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Bear & Son Guthook Fishing Knife 444SR

Combo Edge High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade & Kraton Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Bear & Son Guthook Fishing Knife 444SR If not for the half-serrated cutting edge, the Bear & Son 444SR Gut Hook knife would be a serviceable and economical knife for deer and smaller game. Because the serrations will be tough to keep sharp without professional help, it's a much better choice for the boat than the deep woods.

Eight and 3/8 inches overall, the Guthook knife shows 4 inches of strong high carbon stainless steel blade. The plain edge of the forward third of the blade may wind up doing most of the field dressing work you do with this knife, since the serrated edge won't handle too many tough jobs without losing some efficiency. The gut hook notch in the back of the blade's point will be handy enough, enabling the owner to open the belly of game without snagging internal organs. Keeping the notch sharp requires special honing tools. Be sure to get a slipstone or diamond hone that actually fits.

Where the Bear & Son serrated gut hook excels is anywhere you need something to cut straps, rope, or cable. The serrated edge grabs bindings and slices through in one pass. On a boat, this could be a handy knife -- with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade and a tempered steel tang enclosed in a rugged Kraton handle. Well-defined finger choils and a formed bolster give the textured handle a virtually non-slip and weather-proof grip.

The full-sized serrated gut hook knife fits securely in a quality leather belt sheath. Completely American-made in Alabama at Bear & Son's only manufacturing plant, the 444SR is built entirely on site. Bear & Son doesn't just assemble knives -- this family business makes all their own parts as well.

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