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Bear & Son Lockback Folding Knife, 205R

Rosewood Handle, High Carbon Stainless Steel Plain Edge Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Bear & Son Lockback Folding Knife, 205R The Bear & Son 205R mid-size Lockback with rosewood handle slabs does resemble the Buck 110, but Bear & Son always do things their own way, and those differences show up plainly here.

The 205R's 3-3/4-inch blade of high carbon stainless steel looks a little undersized compared to the knife's hefty handle. Bear & Son offers more grip than the Buck counterpart with large nickel steel bolsters and deftly fitted rosewood panels. Rosewood is an excellent material for knife handles, and not just because it looks great. This dense South American hardwood is packed with stabilizing resin, which resists moisture and keeps the wood stable. Hard and strong rosewood handles hold up to abuse well and keep a high polish naturally.

The lockback action of the 205R is solid, but like many traditional folding knives, the blade opens by a thumb notch and requires two hands to operate. Big enough for field dressing a deer if you're patient, the hollow ground blade has a style that's well suited to skinning or filleting small game and fish. The 205R also makes a reliable utility knife at the limit of the range that fits comfortably into the pocket.

Bear & Son Cutlery works from a single Alabama manufacturing facility. The family-owned business utilizes state-of-the-art machinery and processes but produces many traditional patterns as well as high-tech folders and multi-tools. Every part which goes into a Bear & Son knife is made in-house.

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