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Benchmade Tanto Folding Knife

Search & Rescue Blade | Heckler & Koch, Mike Snody

Posted by JT Hats

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Benchmade Tanto Folding Knife Heckler and Koch, manufacturers of top quality sidearms for military and police forces, put their brand on this collaboration from knife maker and designer Mike Snody and the Benchmade Knife Company of Clackamas, Oregon. Beginning with Bali-song knives in 1990, Benchmade expanded into the tactical knife realm with a high tech and high detail approach. Current facilities base production on machines capable of 0.0005-inch tolerances.

Matching Heckler and Koch firearms to a knife is no small feat, but the Snody Tanto holds true to the same look and quality as the popular H&K weapons. Opening smoothly with thumb studs set for either right or left hand use, the Snody Tanto blade snaps securely in place with the extremely reliable Axis blade lock patented by Benchmade. Though it looks almost fanciful, the Snody knife conforms to the original armor-penetrating intent that made the tanto the backup knife of the samurai.

An excellent choice for Search & Rescue personnel, the Tanto's serrated section cuts harnesses and belts with ease. The black Teflon coating and smooth, quiet action also fit this blade to more discreet operations. A stainless steel pocket clip mounts to either side for easy right or left-handed access. G-10 composite handle slabs match the machined look and functionality of H&K's pistol grips. The H&K Snody Tanto's folded length is only 4.5 inches, but the knife packs a versatile 3.5-inch combo-edged blade of 154CM high carbon stainless steel and hits the scale at a slim .40 pounds.

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