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Black Legion Barumen War Axe

Includes Free Kit Rae Autographed Fantasy Art Print

Posted by JT Hats

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Black Legion Barumen War Axe Kit Rae describes the Black Legion War Axe as one of the two fearsome axes wielded by the Barumen, the monstrous soldiers of the Black One. In the fantasy history which inspired the Swords of the Ancients series by United Cutlery, the Barumen evolved from a strange genetic mixture of men, apes and wolves into a race of purely evil super-warriors. This Barumen axe was designed to fit larger hands than ours.

Not quite so large as the companion piece, the Black Legion Battle Axe, the War Axe is still impressive. Thirty-six inches long overall, the axe ships at over ten pounds. With a 19-1/2-inch false cutting edge of 420 J2 high carbon stainless steel -- ground and polished but not sharpened -- the axe may be too much for single hand use by mortals. Details are both interesting and artistic, with construction that's strong enough to satisfy. Fittings are cast metal and the shaft is polished hardwood, with a functional and long-lasting grip of genuine wrapped leather. Even with the decorative spearhead tip, spiked peen, and the fanciful crescent blade, the axe does look like a battle weapon.

Built for display, the axe blade has been etched with decorative magical runes of mysterious meaning. Only a few like this piece were actually autographed by Kit Rae. The axe is also numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. An art print called "Agnemmel's Nemesis" depicting the War Axe -- in the hands of one of the elite of the Barumen -- accompanies the War Axe and will look great displayed along with this fine fantasy weapon.

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