Blade Sword Of the Daywalker | Stainless Steel Movie Replica Weapon Review

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Blade Sword Of the Daywalker You certainly won’t run into any trouble when you’re wielding the sword of Blade the Daywalker, at least no trouble involving vampires anyway. This replica sword is one lean, mean fighting machine!

Our vampire-hunting hero can be seen using this sword in the movies Blade, Blade 2, and Blade Trinity. The sword pictured here is made by United Cutlery and only includes the sword, sans scabbard. But it does come with a display stand. And by the way, it is indeed the officially licensed movie replica version of the sword, not a knock-off model.

The double-edged blade is made from polished stainless steel and measures 27.125 inches. The spherical blood grooves stretch the entire length of the blade, as seen in the film.

The sword’s cast metal handle is covered in machine-finished glyphs replicated from the movies as well. And while it would be really cool if small blades were stored inside, unfortunately that’s not the case with any Blade replica you’ll find. But the imitation knife slots near the guard could fool your imagination if you let them.

A display stand is included as well, made from black hardwood and decaled with the Blade logo. It holds the 35.125-inch sword quite well, and displays it nicely for you and your guests to admire.

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