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Boker Che Plate Folder Knife

Double Lockback Stainless w/ Clip

Posted by JT Hats

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Boker Che Plate Folder Knife I'm not sure this is as new an idea as Boker makes it out to be, but the result is a good knife with improvements that could be a sensible industry standard. Personally, I consider a knife to be safe if I know how it works, so doubled blade locks aren't such a draw. I'm more impressed by the extra stainless steel.

Replacing the usual machined aluminum handle plates with cutout slabs of solid stainless increases the strength and the balance of Boker's "revolutionary" Che lockback folder. Designed for convenient one handed opening with either hand, the Che features thumb studs on both sides of the stout high carbon stainless steel blade. The Plate Lock system also accesses with either hand and prevent an accidental release of the locked back blade. Milled to reduce overall weight, the handle provides a comfortable and ergonomically correct grip with a stainless steel pocket clip for easy carry. Bronze washers allow smooth opening and closing of the polished cobalt steel blade.

Present models of the Che evolved from the creative efforts of many experts, including Austrian knife maker Steirer Eissen, builder of the first prototypes. Boker currently is the only producer of this design, which was jointly developed by Dr. Christoph Stasser and Dr. Peter Judmaier of the Vienna Technical Institute. Even the alloy steel of the blade is new -- N690BO comes from the combined efforts of Austrian steel producer Bohler and Boker knives.

Blade length of 3-1/4" and an overall open length of 7-3/4" transform this light pocket folder into a nearly full-sized emergency knife. The full stainless steel construction adds strength and reliability but surprisingly little weight. The Che weighs in at a very tolerable 4.9 ounces. If you've ever had to baby a good blade that connected to an outclassed aircraft aluminum handle, you'll appreciate the extra strength of the Che.

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