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Boker Reality Rescue Knife by Jim Wagner

Includes Seat Belt Cutter, Gut Hook, Glass Punch

Posted by JT Hats

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Boker Reality Rescue Knife by JimJim Wagner's Reality Based Rescue Knife, manufactured by Boker of Germany, drastically revises the design of the usual rescue blade. The result is actually more tool than knife, with some real advantages if emergency rescue work is the main thing you intend for the RBR.

Many rescue knife designs build the seat belt cutter into the base of the handle where a slicing blade sits in a convenient notch. Hook the belt with the notch and cut without danger of slicing the person beneath it. In the Wagner RBR knife, the seat belt cutter is ground into the back of the blade tip. Open the blade (one-handed opening is fast and easy) and slide the tip through the belt, gut hook style. The rounded forward section of the 4-inch high carbon stainless steel blade will do no harm while the notch works.

For more difficult cutting, there's a section of serrated edge -- the blunt tip also gives an extra margin of safety here if the blade must be inserted between entanglements and the trapped victim. It's a good design created with common sense, but it does remove the traditional and useful functions of piercing and slashing from the rescue tool.

The 5-1/4-inch handle holds deep hollows for a solid grip in all circumstances. The base of the handle houses a breaker point for emergency window smashing, and there's a lanyard hole for extra security. It's a great rescue tool concept, but you'll probably still need a knife.

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