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Boker Whittler Pocket Knife, Solingen Carbon Steel

Plain Edge w/ Red Jigged Bone Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Boker Whittler Pocket Knife, SolingenThe Folding Deluxe Whittler from Boker of Solingen, Germany, continues to be produced in what is now a somewhat rare metal -- plain-edged carbon steel. You'll notice the difference in the color of the blades right away, since they lack the mirror finish of high carbon stainless steel. If you whittle -- or use the knife for anything else -- you'll soon see the difference in the edge as well.

Boker is one of the few knife producers still turning out carbon steel blades, which makes the brand a favorite among carvers, whittlers, and those of us who just can't give up the old habits easily. This 3-1/2-inch slip-joint pocket knife doesn't have many fancy features, but the workmanship is high quality and dependable. Polished nickel bolsters and brass liners, with carbon steel springs to secure the blades both open and shut, match up to the jigged bone handle slabs perfectly.

The three blades include a main clip point blade 2-1/2 inches long with shorter pen and coping blades. The blade selection provides a useful point and a serviceable cutting edge for nearly any situation, and the knife isn't so big that it won't fit inconspicuously in the pocket.

Boker's original Tree Brand jigging pattern -- the bark-like notches cut into the red bone handle slabs -- has now been replaced with a variety of new and unique jigging designs, expanding the possibilities for collectors. Surprisingly rust-resistant, the carbon steel knife doesn't require unusual maintenance. Just keep it clean and sharp, and rub the blades with a drop of oil now and then -- the Boker Whittler improves with use.

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