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Boromir of Gondor LOTR Sword Replica

United Cutlery Lord of the Rings Longsword w/ Wall Display

Posted by JT Hats

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Boromir of Gondor LOTR Sword Replica The United Cutlery Authentic Sword of Boromir, Captain of Gondor from the Lord of the Rings saga, should satisfy even the spirit of Boromir himself. Well balanced and designed with function in mind, the details of this display weapon stand out as much more than fanciful decoration.

From the heavy metal pommel to the symmetry of the piercing sword tip, the Sword of Boromir looks like a weapon the brash yet practical captain would actually carry. The tempered 420 J2 high carbon stainless steel longsword shows a central fullered blood groove that reduces the weight of the 30-3/16-inch-long blade but leaves the strong blade point untouched. The sword's brass-plated bladeguard uses a simple smith's trick, twisting squared stock into a shallow spiral to form the curved cross-piece. Genuine leather laid over the grip of the rat-tail tang sword covers rows of metal studs, giving the owner a better hold of this heavy, 39-inch weapon.

Symbolic of the fictional 6-foot-4-inch warrior hero, the sword of Boromir goes well with the character of someone bold enough to blow a battlehorn because he didn't think sneaking around unannounced was honorable. You could also see the practical side of the man in this weapon, reflective of the only adventurer in the party with the good sense to carry firewood into the snows of the mountain passes.

The Sword of Boromir includes a polished wood wall plaque with mounting hardware and a parchment verifying the authenticity of this well-made LOTR replica weapon.

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