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Boy Scout Swiss Army Explorer Knife BSA

Victorinox Pocketknife Multitool, Red w/ Magnifying Lens & Corkscrew

Posted by JT Hats

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Boy Scout Swiss Army Explorer Knife BSA The Boy Scout version of the Victorinox Swiss Army Explorer features the same versatile set of blades and tools and includes the emblem of the Boy Scouts of America on the red Cellidor handle.

The Explorer's tools will interest solitary travelers as well as troop members. Only 3-1/2 inches long when closed, the Explorer carries sixteen tools including a 5x magnifying lens, which could be an effective emergency firestarter on sunny days. Two multi-purpose blades double as can and bottle opener as well as small and large flat-blade screwdrivers. The bottle opener blade includes a notch good for stripping insulation from wire.

In the Explorer, the Phillips-tip screwdriver blade pivots from the end of the knife, not the center of the handle spine as in some other versions. That makes the Phillips screwdriver blade much easier to actually use. The tool set also offers a corkscrew, a large and small spear point blade, scissors, a reamer, and a parcel hook. You'll find the indispensable toothpick and tweezers secured in slots in the handle. The key ring is a handy place to string a wrist lanyard so you don't lose your good knife when you need it most.

Liners and blades of high carbon stainless steel hold up to heavy use and resist corrosion. A little cleaning occasionally and a drop of oil on pivot points keeps the knife like new. All blades are slip-joint style, requiring opening with two hands. None of the blades lock back, so be careful when applying pressure during use.

See the Swiss Army Mountaineer for a knife of similar size with tools specially selected for climbers.

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