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Best Mandoline: Bron Original Stainless Steel Vegetable Slicer

Posted by Mike

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Bron Original Mandoline The infinite repeatability, consistency, and precise control a mandoline brings to the table isn't something which many cooks can easily duplicate with a knife. Normally, I'll simply reach for an extremely sharp thin knife, but even professionals and skilled home cooks will have a tough time making consistent, precise cuts. And when that's what is required, a mandoline is what I use if I need thin slices or even julienned veggies. But there are also times where the speed and precision of a mandoline is exactly what you need to complete a recipe with a minimum of fuss.

A mandoline is something which I consider to be a specialty tool, but there aren't many professional kitchens I've worked in that don't have a mandoline or two in their batterie of tools. Does that mean everyone needs one? Probably not -- but if you want to be able to produce professional results without professional skills, this could be well worth the investment.

This is a stainless steel, pro-quality tool which will last most people for a lifetime, making it easy to justify the arguably steep price. Whether you need to create thin slices for a tart, julienne veggies for a slaw, create veggie sticks for snack trays, or even slice up some french fries, this will produce the kind of cuts of which anyone would be proud.

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