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Buck Rush Folder Knife, Gun Metal Grey

ATS-34 High Carbon Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Buck Rush Folder Knife, Gun Metal Grey Buck's small pocket clip folder, the Buck Rush in ATS-34 high carbon stainless steel, features the assisted opening system called ASAP. Buck claims the knife will be safer for pocket carry than a fully automatic knife and open with speed that's competitive with a standard switchblade.

When closed, the Buck Rush's 2-1/2-inch blade stays locked in place in the framework of the anodized aluminum 3-3/4-inch handle. Release the liner lock, push the blade partly open with your thumb, and an internal spring completes the movement. The blade should lock solidly in the open position without further adjustment. To close the knife, release the liner lock and firm pressure swings the blade back. The liner lock protects users in either position, from both accidentally opening the knife while in pocket and from unexpectedly closing it in use.

Only 2.4 ounces with stainless steel pocket clip, the Buck Rush has a versatile plain edge drop point blade suitable for everyday utility use and also very handy as a woodsman's knife. Keep it clean and oiled if you want to keep the smooth opening ASAP system in top form. The Buck Rush works well when properly maintained, but the open framework of the handle leaves the mechanism open to dirt and debris.

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