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Bushido Katana Set w/ Wakizashi & Tanto

3 Sword Display Stand

Posted by JT Hats

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Bushido Katana Set w/ Wakazishi & Tanto The classic black look of this Bushido 3-Piece Katana set is more in keeping with the character of that Japanese military tradition than are many of the colorful and garish sword sets created today for collection and display. Sleek black lacquered scabbards bound with black nylon cord complement the wrapped cord handles of katana, wakizashi, and tanto. Each blade has cast metal fittings with a low luster satin finish that gives an impression of age and use.

Display sets are not built to the same rigorous standards as combat swords, but good replicas should retain the character of the originals. Even though materials used in this set are not the traditional choices, the appearance is a good match for the real weapons, and the set has been put together with concern for detail. The tempering mark or hamon on the edges of the blades is only decoration and doesn't indicate the advancing tempering of a traditional weapon. This wavy pattern mimics the mark left from the traditional edge tempering process that produced blades with a tough spine and a hard edge. Sharpening these blades will damage the hamon decoration. Since this set is for display, upkeep should be limited to a rubdown with light oil occasionally. Even stainless steel benefits from a regular cleaning.

The high carbon steel blades in this three-piece set could be damaged by striking -- for cutting practice, you'll need something more. This type of steel and quality of temper could bend, or cutting edges could fold if roughly used. The swords are good enough for movement practice and should be respected as you would combat-quality weapons. Even training swords can cause real damage.

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