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Calphalon Contemporary Steak Knife Set

8 Piece Serrated Full Tang

Posted by JT Hats

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Calphalon Contemporary Steak Knife Set This stamped steel steak knife set from Calphalon of Germany keeps some of the features of the company's full sized forged blades but in a lighter one-size-fits-all handle style. The eight knives match the contemporary pattern of Calphalon's forged chef's cutlery, with changes appropriate to dining service.

Edges of these blades have both serrated and plain sections to accommodate different styles of use. The handles are full sized, but have a tapered ergonomic design that fits all hands, equally comfortable for any user. The steel holds an edge well, and the serrated section guarantees they'll cut even after many uses. Restoring the edge would be difficult at home, but factory service is available, and the knives do have a lifetime guarantee.

Calphalon uses stainless steel that is "stain free." The knives are not promoted as dishwasher safe, and hand washing and drying is the recommended method of cleaning. Modern stainless steel is chosen as much for cutting edge as for stain resistance, and the harsh cycles of dishwashers could be rough on both finish and cutting edges. A wooden knife block is the best way to store this set -- many larger knife blocks have eight slot sections especially for steak knives.

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