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Calphalon Katana Knife Block

Bamboo 13 Slot Laminated Cutlery Storage

Posted by JT Hats

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Calphalon Katana Knife Block The unusual tiered design of this distinctive laminated bamboo knife block fits the unique angled bolsters of one of Calphalon's best knife sets -- the Katana Damascus steel series. In an ordinary leveled block, the katana knives would seat with a portion of the cutting edge exposed. In these two-level slots, the knife edge -- and the fingers of a busy chef -- receive full protection from the block.

With the look and weight of real hardwood, this block offers stability and durability many laminated hardwood blocks can't match. Layers of perfectly machined bamboo strips bonded together with food safe adhesive create this fine knife block without using prime timber. Groves of bamboo planted especially for manufacturing use provide dependable and sustainable harvests. A grove of bamboo restores itself in only a few years, whereas a forest of rock maple could take a couple of centuries to recover.

I've been very impressed with the laminated bamboo products I've used, though I was skeptical at first. Laminating hardwood into blocks can be a tricky process, and the damp environment of a kitchen reveals any weakness quickly. With more joints than the typical hardwood build, there's even more need for precision with bamboo. In service, the bamboo fixtures I've tried have outperformed similar hardwood fixtures.

Use the same precautions as recommended for quality hardwood blocks -- place the Calphalon Katana 13-Slot Bamboo Knife Block in a location away from direct heat and out of steam pockets. Rub the block occasionally with mineral oil to maintain its water resistance.

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