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Case Fishing Knife, Scaler & California Clip Blade

Yellow Delrin Texas Toothpick Handle 320094F SS

Posted by JT Hats

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Case Fishing Knife, Scaler & CaliforniaThe Texas Toothpick handle style of the Yellow Delrin Fishing Knife from W.R. Case & Sons makes this knife elegant enough for dress occasions. The knife was actually intended for better things than formal dinners. With this in your pocket and some tackle stashed in the car, you're never that far from a fishing day off.

The Texas Toothpick grip works well in slick conditions, since the tapered dropped bolster at the knife's heel helps keep the knife in your hand, and there's even a finger choil ground into the base of the long double-purpose scaler blade. The teeth of the scaler blade lift the scales as you scrape them off the fish but aren't sharp enough to score the flesh. The blade also helps if you catch and release your fish, since the long notched tip can reach into a fish's mouth to carefully ease out an embedded hook without doing more damage. It's a skill that needs some thought and practice, but if you keep a little tension on the line, there is a way.

And of course, if you want the fish for supper, the elongated California clip style of the main blade nearly qualifies as a fillet knife. The four-inch-long high carbon stainless steel knife is just large enough to handle the average catch.

One more small bonus comes attached to the side of the knife where an engraved stainless steel logo is usually found. The grooved abrasive plate puts the point of a fishhook back to needle sharpness when it's spent too long in the tackle box.

See the Case Bass Fisherman Pocket Knife for a collector's version of this popular style.

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