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Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife

Clip & Spey w/ Bone Amber Handle 6318 00039

Posted by JT Hats

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Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife The Case Medium Stockman 00039 offers styling similar to the Case Amber Stockman but with slight differences in blade design and a more compact build. Built with the same quality as the larger version, this model might better suit the needs of people who don't work with livestock on a regular basis.

The slender clip blade of the Medium Stockman extends a slim 2-1/2 inches of high carbon stainless steel. Spey and sheepsfoot blades are cut back to 1-5/8 inches and 1-7/8 inches, respectively. Width and thickness are still enough to make this a useful knife with a practical working length of just over six inches. The folded length of only 3-5/8 inches fits the pocket better than the larger models.

If you do a lot of cutting with a pocketknife, you will miss the extra size since this smaller model may not provide enough handle for real control and full pressure. For light jobs, the sort most of us run across daily at least, it's a perfect fit. The straight cutting edge and dropped point of the sheepsfoot blade mark a finer line than any carpenter's pencil, and the clip point blade often comes in handy at lunch when you're a little short of proper silverware. Use the spey blade's surgical curve to open boxes without dragging a point across the contents. Pocketknives like the Case Stockman don't go out of style -- they just find new uses.

Case makes this smaller version of the Stockman with the same natural materials used in the larger knife, including jigged zebu bone imported from Brazil. Selected because of its unique density, the zebu bone slabs are textured -- or jigged -- with unique patterns to enhance the grip and the look of the knife before being fitted permanently between the nickel bolsters.

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