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Case Old Red Bone Baby Butterbean Pocketknife

Spear Point & Pen Blade 00724

Posted by JT Hats

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Case Old Red Bone Baby ButterbeanThe Case Old Red Bone Baby Butterbean knife has been around since the days when pocket knives were essential tools of everyday tradesmen. Still popular with today's professionals, this 2-3/4-inch folding knife has no frills beyond quality materials and high standards.

According to Case, the high carbon stainless steel blade styles included in the Baby Butterbean were originally designed for farm use. A spear point blade, the larger of the two, was the heavy duty utility knife. The smaller pen knife blade, good for all sorts of light whittling, first came into use for trimming the ends of turkey quills -- the primary writing instrument of the day. Although some of those exact applications may be less important to today's users, the Butterbean style is still extremely useful, providing a reliable and sharp cutting edge powered by a wide strong handle.

Bone slabs used in this modern Butterbean come from the shinbones of Brazilian Zebu cattle -- chosen for this fine knife because of that range-fed breed's denser bone structure. The color results from an antiquing process designed to mimic the look of a knife with many years of use behind it.

Though some believe the Case XX mark signifies a mysterious process still used by that company, Case says it actually only served as a reminder -- that a knife had been hardened (one X) and then tempered (the second X). Today, it's simply a sign the Case company's standards haven't changed.

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