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Chinese Hook Black Sword Set

Stainless Steel Swords | Martial Arts Weapon Review

Posted by Ken

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Chinese Hook Black Sword Set Chinese hook swords are one of the most unique and highly sought-after martial arts weapons, especially in the area of ancient kung fu. Here's a set of 2 hook swords that might be of interest to you if you're looking for a new training weapon of choice.

The weapons are made from genuine stainless steel and coated in a black finish. The handles are black as well, featuring a non-slip grip wrapped in black cord with traction lines that make each hook easier to hold.

Each sword measures 33 inches in overall length. The blades themselves measure 20.5 inches each, and are sharpened to a mild edge. A sharp pyramid spear-point tip is featured on the end of each shaft in authentic hook sword tradition as well.

Hook swords have appeared in ancient Chinese history as early as 1771 BC, and were typically crudely made from basic wood and metal. Not so with this set. Better materials and sturdy construction make this a great set for both practice and exhibition.

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