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Chinese Martial Arts Competition Sword, Women’s

Wushu Straight Forged Spring Steel IWF

Posted by JT Hats

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Chinese Martial Arts Competition Sword,This fine competition-quality straight sword from Dragon Well Forge of Lungchuan, China, shows the same refinements as the men's version but in a size range tailored to a woman's smaller frame. Nine sizes provide the right fit for most kung fu students, while the appearance of the sword makes it an excellent collectible.

Designed to be light and fast, the Dragon Well Straight Sword qualifies for competition use in events approved by the International Wushu Federation. A certificate validating that the sword meets IWF standards accompanies each blade. Not so heavy as a combat blade, the workmanship still meets traditional standards, and the sword is definitely weapons-grade and not a practice toy. The high carbon forged spring steel blade has been accurately hollow ground to create a central spine in this double-edged sword, giving it the flexibility and response necessary for wushu and the strength to survive impacts as well.

Fittings for both sword and scabbard are polished solid brass with lacquered hardwood forming the sheath and the handle. Swords differ from the men's versions slightly. A men's sword with a blade length of 31-1/4 inches has an overall length of 39-1/4 inches and a weight of 1.32 pounds. The equivalent women's sword with the same blade length has an overall length of 38-1/2 inches and a weight of 1.29 pounds. Women's sizes may not suit all women who take up wushu sword practice, and there's certainly no reason stronger individuals couldn't choose the heavier men's version.

Fitting the sword to the person is extremely important, since routines often include whirling movements which place the face in danger if the blade is too long for the student. Teachers should provide expert advice on fitting, but one of the old standards from Tai Chi Sabre measures the length of the sword as the distance from eyebrow to waist.

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