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Chroma Haiku Sharpening Stone

800 Medium Grit Waterstone

Posted by JT Hats

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Chroma Haiku Sharpening Stone Chroma Haiku knives are traditional blades that need matching systems of care, and this Medium 800-grit waterstone is one of the basics you'll need for correctly maintaining the Haiku knife.

This old-style waterstone needs to soak in water before use for about fifteen minutes until it's totally saturated and no more bubbles are coming to the surface. Since the sharpening angle of traditional Japanese knives is low compared to European bevels, the extra thickness and the height of the stand above the countertop serves a very practical purpose. You can comfortably hold the blade at the right angle without running your hands into the countertop.

As you work with a waterstone, a paste forms on the surface. This mixture of grit and water is part of the honing method and shouldn't be washed away. Try to use the entire surface of the stone, and reverse it from time to time so you don't wear hollows in the whetstone. Once you're done, you can rinse off the paste and store the stone away clean.

The medium grit is fast-cutting and should be followed up with work on a fine stone if you want a truly polished edge. Don't use a sharpening steel on Chroma knives or you may chip the cutting edge instead of resetting it -- fine or extra-fine stones are the equivalent of a sharpening steel, in the Japanese method.

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