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Cold Steel Boar Hunter Knife

Celtic Inspired Blade Plain Edge by Lynn Thompson 39LSP

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Boar Hunter Knife Ancient Celtic blades inspired the design of the Cold Steel Boar Hunter, but modern tactical materials make this new hunting knife better than the old battlefield blades. Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel Special Projects built the Boar Hunter for real hunters and field-tested the design on real Australian wild boar.

The long talon-like taper comes from traditional designs, built for penetrating armor and thick hide smoothly. The 13-7/8-inch-long Boar Hunter's hollow-ground edge gives the knife better cutting ability than the old weapons, and Japanese AUS 8A high carbon stainless steel protects the knife from corrosion. The slender point of the 8-3/4-inch blade doesn't decrease the knife's strength. The Boar Hunter's tempered steel flexes to an incredible 45 degrees without snapping or deforming.

After field-testing the knife in the Australian Outback, Thompson decided to improve the handle and incorporated an existing tactical design used in the Cold Steel OSS knife. The knife's double guard prevents any forward slip, and the subhilt keeps the hand on the grip even if the conditions get slippery. This knife was built specifically for stabbing with an injection-molded Kraton handle that allows a full force blow while giving the hand full protection.

The Boar Hunter rides in a Secure-ex sheath designed for ambidextrous access and fits most waist belts. MOLLE-style fittings on the sheath allow strapping the knife to other gear.

For another modern boar hunter's knife, see the Ka-Bar Baconmaker inspired by a custom Special Forces blade.

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