Cold Steel Katana | Japanese Samurai Sword | Ray Skin Handle, Wood Scabbard

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Cold Steel Katana This is a beautiful katana sword, designed to look great on any wall you mount it on, at 41 inches.

It’s also fully functional, with a 24-inch double-edged blade that’s sharpened with a blood groove.

The blade is made from superior quality 1050 high carbon steel, mirror polished for that extra touch. It measures just a hair under 30 inches.

The handle is made from genuine ray skin. Ray skin is the preferred choice over wood as far as grips are concerned. It’s wrapped with a black cord.

This katana’s tsuba guard, as well as its pommel, are crafted from durable black iron, while its brass collar adds a touch of class.

Includes a black lacquered wood scabbard.

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