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Cold Steel Light Cavalry 1796, Spring Steel Saber

Napoleonic War to WWI Replica Sword

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Light Cavalry 1796, SpringAlthough you might think this light cavalry saber was stripped down by Cold Steel to simplify an older design, the streamlining of the 1796 Light Cavalry Sword took place during the Napoleonic Wars. Cold Steel created a modern version using 1055 high carbon spring steel but stayed with the pattern that gave this blade a reputation as too cruel for the battlefield.

The curved fullered blade of this 37-3/4-inch sword has 33 inches of cutting edge. Beyond that, every detail was lightened and simplified. The brainchild of John Gaspard Le Marchant, a captain in the British 2nd Dragoon Guards during the British invasion of France, the 1796 saber was first produced by Henry Osborn of Birmingham. Le Marchant had noticed during the British campaign that the English cavalry showed rough skills and were awkward with heavier weapons. Instead of burdening troops with swords designed for thrusting, Le Marchant revised the standard issue blade for slashing and hacking, the instinctive response that soldiers chose under pressure. The 1796 Pattern saber delivered more disabling and maiming wounds than fatal ones, becoming a weapon of terror as well as an effective sidearm. The sword was in combat use as late as the First World War.

It's not surprising that this old saber caught the attention of Cold Steel. This well known manufacturer of self defense blades reproduced the Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sword in accurate detail with modern materials. The sword comes with an equally detailed metal scabbard and, like other Cold Steel products, has been thoroughly tested to prove its cutting and hacking ability.

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