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Cold Steel Pendleton Knife Lite Hunter

Field & Stream Magazine Award for Best Fixed Hunting Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Pendleton Knife Lite Hunter Combining quality with lost cost, Cold Steel's Pendleton Lite Hunter counters the idea that to get the best, you pay more. Cold Steel's budget fixed blade hunting knife won the 2010 "Best of the Best" Hunting Knife award from Field & Stream magazine.

Designed by custom knife maker Lloyd Pendleton, the Pendleton Lite Hunter keeps the most important design features from the Pendleton Hunter line. The 8-5/8-inch knife carries 3-5/8 inches of drop point, hollow ground blade backed up with a scientifically designed grip. A dropped bolster formed from the grip prevents forward slips, and indentations near the bolster keep fingertips behind the working edge. The flared butt and dropped heel of the handle counteract slips in the opposite direction.

In appearance, the Lite Hunter so closely matches the more expensive Pendleton Hunter that at first it's hard to understand the price difference. The only major changes were the shift to 4116 Krupp stainless steel in the blade and to polypropylene in the handle. With a cutting edge that's slightly less hard than the SG-1 steel of the Pendleton Hunter, the Lite Hunter still performs exceptionally well. The lower temper of the Krupp carbon steel makes sharpening the knife easier and toughens the edge.

The polypropylene in the Lite Hunter's handle replaces the rugged Kraton of the Pendleton Hunter. For normal uses the poly won't be noticeably different, but it doesn't have the extreme functional temperature range of Kraton or the high resistance to chemical damage. Cold Steel provides a ballistic nylon sheath.

See the Cold Steel Folding Hunter for a pocket clip version of the Pendleton Hunter.

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