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Cold Steel Rapier Short Sword

Functional Battle Ready Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Rapier Short Sword Cold Steel is better known for functionality than for building self-defense weapons which look good. The Cold Steel philosophy of matching pure function with modern materials sometimes creates weapons which look at best like tools and at worst like souvenirs. Using some of the sensible features of that approach, the Cold Steel Rapier or Small Sword manages to look like a real sword. The design matches the Small Swords of the 17th and 18th century which became the gentleman's preferred weapon for dueling, and the military officer's first choice of sidearms. Based on the fencing foil, the Small Sword's reduced size and simplified hilt and guard made this weapon easily carried from belt or sash, and deadly in expert hands.

Cold Steel replaces the traditional grip with wound nylon cord, practical and durable. The cast metal hilt uses the old-fashioned double shell pattern with two finger loops and a thin knuckle guard, emphasizing the piercing action of the narrow blade. Blade and tang of high carbon 1055 steel form the backbone of the 31.25-inch sword, with an ornate pommel that contributes more to design than to weight. Though the old tempering processes have been supplanted by heat treatment, the resulting temper is uniform and gives the blade spring steel resilience.

Hollowing grinding reduces the weight of the triangular cross section blade. The true edge of the sword is the razor sharp tip -- slashing or chopping with the body of the blade goes against the style of this small rapier. Special techniques developed for this sword carried over into the bayonet movements of modern battlefields. Many types of spike bayonets show the same piercing point and slender body that are the trademarks of this old and efficient weapon. The leather scabbard and the authentic look of the metal fittings make this sword appropriate for display and practical for self defense.

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