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Cold Steel SRK Survival Knife

Navy Seal Search & Rescue, Fixed Black Blade w/ Concealex Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel SRK Survival Knife Years ago, any hunter looking for a good field knife expected something this good. Today, the Cold Steel Search and Rescue Knife passes all the old tests and a couple more. Standard issue for Navy Seals undergoing underwater demolitions training, the Cold Steel SRK fits in just as well around any civilian campfire.

This fixed blade bonds a textured Kraton grip to the knife's wide tang of 3/16-inch thick high carbon AUS8 stainless steel. A drop-point blade six inches long gives the 10-3/4-inch knife plenty of plain cutting edge. The dark Teflon coating eliminates shine and decreases cutting resistance, adding to the knife's penetrating power. Drive it repeatedly through a car door, if you like, and you won't wreck this blade. The cutting edge will require some touching up after rough use.

Blade style fits hunting and camping needs very well, capable of butchering and skinning game or shaving down wooden parts for primitive construction. If you need to split some kindling or drive the edge through a tough carcass joint, select a hefty tree branch and hammer away. The Cold Steel SRK was built to take severe abuse, including hammering and prying. For a grip that stays secure even while doing the heaviest work, Cold Steel combined Kraton with a strong single-quillion forged bolster. The dropped bolster prevents fingers from slipping onto the blade even when stabbing the knife full-force into sheet metal or solid wood.

The 8.2-ounce SRK rides in a Concealex belt sheath with options for strapping the knife to any convenient harness or gear. A safety strap snaps around the grip and makes certain the knife stays in place.

Cold Steel also makes an excellent folding hunting knife, the Cold Steel Ultimate 61LPS by Lynn Thompson.

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