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Cold Steel Voyager Lightweight Hunting Knife

Plain Edge Tanto Blade XL 29XT

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Voyager Lightweight HuntingCold Steel intended the Voyager series to be both lighter and better than any of the competition. The Voyager does succeed in many ways -- getting used to a large knife this light may take a while. Even with a five-inch-long tanto blade of VG-1 high carbon stainless steel, the Zytel handle drops the weight of this large folder to only 5.3 ounces.

Available either in full serrated or full plain edge styles, this deceptively light knife unfolds to 11-1/4 inches in length and is solidly built. Zytel is the same material used for the frame of some well-known automatic handguns -- there's no sacrifice in strength here. Textured surfaces and a full-sized, well-shaped grip allow the Voyager XL to be used for heavy work, and the VG-1 blade holds up to it. Higher in abrasion resistance than common grades of stainless steel, VG-1 takes an edge that lasts. The shallow hollow grind of the tanto makes this tough edge easily sharpened with ordinary honing stones.

Voyager knives are designed for one-handed opening, but the close tolerances and higher tension of the knife's tough lockback springs make this procedure difficult for some. A break-in period ought to be expected before the action works smoothly -- keep the blade clean and lube the pivot bearing occasionally.

A pocket clip is provided, but 6-1/8 inches is a lot of pocket knife -- a belt sheath (not provided) might be more practical.

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