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Cold Steel War Hammer, Forged High Carbon Steel

Medieval Battle Ready Replica Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel War Hammer, Forged HighAlthough this modern version of the war hammer -- a weapon which brought down many armored knights on the battlefields of medieval Europe -- isn't pretty, this is still an impressive and combat-ready instrument of destruction. Cold Steel's practical defense weapons often look like farm tools, but they were created for the Mad Max scenario, not farming.

The Cold Steel War Hammer looks crude, but war hammers were never highly evolved instruments. Their function was simply to knock down an armored opponent and finish him off. The face of the hammer delivered a shocking impact even through plate steel, while the spike peen of the hammer penetrated the best armor plate of the day. Cold Steel's version includes a drop-forged hammer head of heat-treated 5150 high carbon steel patterned after battle hammers which are now museum pieces. The 1-1/2-inch square face of the hammer isn't appropriate for carpentry and, like its ancestors, is only meant for bashing things. Cold Steel's demonstration video illustrates the hammer in use against modern objects like steel barrels and car doors -- there's no question it's effective.

Steel languettes attach to the sides of the American hickory hardwood handle -- 30 inches long and a formidable self defense tool even without the hammer -- and offer protection against damage by edged weapons and missed strikes. Assembly is required, but you won't need fancy tools.

Cold Steel describes this hammer as properly tempered, with the sides of the hammer eye toughened to resist impact damage. At just about 2-1/2 pounds, this is a fast weapon as well as deadly. Owners will be tempted to try this hammer out, so it's bound to get a few nicks and scrapes. Be aware that it's no toy. After it's used and aged a bit, it will look pretty good on the wall, too.

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