Collectible Case Knives | Centennial Pocket Knife Set

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Collectible Case Knife SetWhat an amazing set of knives — this is the Centennial Knife Set produced by WR Case in 1989 to commemorate their 100th anniversary of making high-quality knives.

I write about many Case knives on this site, but you won’t see one of these come around often. It’s very rare to find the set fully intact with none of the knives sold off individually. There are 100 knives in the set, each with a lifetime warranty.

Originally priced at $5,000, this set has grown in value to more than $6,000. The auction I’m linking to below includes the original 1989 catalog and an attractive carrying case. It is #251 of only 500 sets made.

Update – this set is gone, but you can see more collectible Case knives below.

Find Case Classic Knives on eBay:

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