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Columbia River CRKT Lift Off 2 Folding Knife, Plain Edge

OutBurst Assisted Opening Locking Blade w/ Pocket Clip

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Columbia River CRKT Lift Off 2 Knife,Columbia River Knife & Tool outfits the Lift Off 2 with both Outburst assisted-opening and Firesafe lock. Included in many of CRKT's newer folders, this combination approach finally makes legal one-handers fast instead of just awkward.

The Lift Off 2 would be a temptation even without the new technology. The knife's 3-inch, hollow ground AUS 8 stainless steel blade presents a modified drop point with false upper edge and enough jimped spine for top pressure and control. Closed, the knife is almost five inches long -- you'll need the handy stainless steel pocket clip for convenient carrying. On the left handle slab, CRKT embedded a decorative stainless steel herringbone pattern in the dark Zytel scale, making this knife a fine presentation piece as well as a practical one-hander.

The true beauty of the Lift Off 2 is how well it works. Assisted opening knives could fire off in the pocket if accidentally triggered. Designers at CRKT solved that problem without using push buttons or slide releases on the handle of the knife. If you have to stop and locate the safety, it's not a fast knife. Firesafe combines thumb stud and lock for opening with only one movement.

Pressing the spring-loaded thumb stud pushes a steel plunger against the liner lock side of the handle. That pulls a locking pin from the base of the blade and allows thumb pressure to swing the knife past the detente. Then the powerful Outburst assisted-opening mechanism swings the blade out and into the fully locked position. To close, press the liner lock to free the blade and swing it shut until you feel the pin drop into place again.

The only bad news is that if you're left-handed, you're left out. The special construction makes this version of the Lift Off a right-handed knife.

For a look at one of CRKT's innovative tactical folders, see the CRKT Special Forces Tactical Folding Knife.

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