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Columbia River Knife and Tool Guppie

CRKT Multi-Tool | Wrench, LED light, Screwdriver

Posted by Ken

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Columbia River Knife and Tool Guppie Named Best Buy of the Year at the 2007 Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair in Atlanta, this is certainly not the first review to give the Columbia River Guppie a thumbs-up.

My favorite part of the Guppie is the adjustable wrench jaws which open to a 1/2-inch. With a strong grip that is perfect for those quick adjustments, and small enough to squeeze in tight spaces, this is by far the handiest tool on the Guppie. Off the butt end, opposite the wrench, is an insert spot for the various screwdriver bits which are stored in the detachable carrier. The carrier also has a high-intensity LED light, and is held inside the Guppie handle with two strong magnets. The 2-inch, drop point, straight-edge blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel which makes it strong and keeps it sharp.

A carabiner design makes this a great knife to hang from a backpack or a belt loop, and serves dually as a bottle cap opener. As well, a stainless steel clip on the side of the Guppie makes it easy to carry from a pocket or on gear, and also works as a nicely as a money clip.

All told, the Guppie is about 3.5-inches long and weighs a little over 4 ounces. This is small multi-tool with durability, style, and tools that work like a charm. You will have no regrets picking one up.

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