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Competition Wushu Broadsword from Dragon Well Forge

Martial Arts Chinese Battle Ready Sword

Posted by JT Hats

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Competition Wushu Broadsword fromThe fine craftsmanship of this competition broadsword from Dragon Well Forge of Lungchuan, China, makes this wushu weapon an excellent collector's piece. One of the best broadsword choices for training, this sword comes in nine different men's sizes. Check with your teacher for guidelines on fit, since proper length varies with the style of practice.

Approved for competition use by the International Wushu Federation, the broadsword comes with a certificate verifying that the sword meets all IWF standards. Refinements include a light hollow ground blade with a strong but flexible spine -- good for the fast movements and flourishes of wushu routines. The spring steel used in this sword will take a fine edge, and the construction is certainly good enough to be dangerous, although it's not as strongly made as a heavier combat version. Bladeguard and pommel are solid brass, and the handle is a strong rat-tail tang within a tapered hardwood grip.

Fittings on the hardwood sheath are polished brass, and the workmanship of the sheath is much better than many of the combat-quality swords from Lungchuan. Calligraphy decorates the black lacquer of the scabbard; symbols engraved in the blade itself translate as Quian Kun, or Heaven and Earth.

The nine different sizes cover a range of blade lengths from 27-1/4 inches to 35-1/4 inches, overall lengths from 33 inches to 42 inches, and weights from just over one pound to 1.6 pounds. Choosing the right size of sword is very important. One measurement system in Tai Chi uses the distance from eyebrow to waist as the critical standard, but different styles use other proportions. Somewhere here is a size that fits.

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