Conan the Barbarian Father Sword | Medieval Fantasy Replica, Plaque

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Conan the Barbarian Father Sword In 1932, Author Robert E. Howard gave birth to what would be later known as one of the most recognizable names in American fantasy fiction: Conan the Barbarian. Many are familiar with Conan’s story through Weird Tales or Marvel Comics and may know him better as Conan the Cimmerian. Later, the 1980s immortalized his story in the cinema when Arnold Schwarzenegger received Conan the Barbarian as his breakthrough role.

This is the sword of Conan’s father, the master blacksmith, and has been forged to replicate the cinematic version of the sword down to the closest detail possible. Granted, there are other collectible versions of Conan’s sword that are made from the same metal as the movie sword, but those are extremely hard to find, and might cost the same as a small car.

The sword pictured here is made from genuine 440 stainless steel and bronzed metal. Its wide spear-point blade measures 29 inches long, and is forged with a distinctive ridge that runs down the center. Inscribed into the ridge are these words: “Suffer No Guilt Ye Who Wield This In The Name Of Crom.”

But the sword’s unmistakable trademark is its guard, in which the cross-guard resembles the skull and antlers of an elk. A bronzed pommel compliments the guard atop a handle wrapped in brown cord for a secure grip.

The sword is unsharpened, which means it’s best suited for display purposes. So you’ll really like that Conan the Barbarian’s sword already comes with a display plaque.

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