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Condor Outback Machete

Wilderness Knife | 23 in., Blasted Satin

Posted by Ken

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Condor Outback Machete, 23 in., BlastedCondor makes another machete that's similar to this one. There are only two differences: the blade's finish, size and tip.

In this particular Outback model the machete is made from blasted satin stainless steel, giving it an authentic "stainless steel" look.

The tip also shows a small swage, likely only a couple inches in length, whereas the previous model is a straightedge.

But like its cousin, its 23-inch blade is easy to wield, at the same time providing an adequate length ideally suited for your various outdoor adventures. It's rated at a sharpness of 53 on the Rockwell hardness scale.

You'll also like the Outback's individual touch, since every single blade is hand finished, hand polished, and personally evaluated for its sharpness.

Its blue handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, and if you like the security of a safety lanyard, the rear bolster comes complete with a small eyelet.

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