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Custom Handmade Gaetan Beauchamp Wood Duck Knife

Posted by Ken

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Custom Handmade Gaetan Beauchamp WoodThis Wood Duck Knife is a collector's item of true beauty. It's hand-made and signed by master craftsman Gaetan Beauchamp, with an included moose-leather sheath designed by his wife Denise Bryar.

No two Wood Duck knives are alike. Each one has a collection of detailed scrimshaw wood ducks engraved into its genuine Alaskan-mammoth-fossil ivory handle.

The full-tang blade is capable of everyday usage as well, since it's made from ATS-34 stainless steel, and its bolsters made from 416 stainless steel.

In any case, its durability only reaffirms the knife's longevity. And you'll definitely want to keep it safe and secure, since it's a limited edition piece. There are only 30 Wood Duck knives in existence, so if anything goes wrong, you'll be hard-pressed to find a replacement. But fortunately you have Beauchamp's craftsmanship on your side to ensure that never happens.

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