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Cuticle Skin Scissors by Dovo

Curved Manicure & Pedicure Shears, Razor Sharp

Posted by JT Hats

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Cuticle Skin Scissors by Dovo One of the most delicate tools that DOVO makes, these stainless steel curved cuticle scissors undergo about 120 different exacting hand procedures. DOVO provides a protective pouch for proper storage and guarantees them for life.

Cuticle or skin scissors trim even tiny flakes of dead skin from around the nails without damaging the living cuticle. Poorly tempered steel won't do that for long, since even ordinary stress quickly throws the thin blades out of line. DOVO makes sure that, in professional hands, you can count on these perfectly tempered scissors to do professional work time after time.

The light test is just one of the standards DOVO manicurist's tools must pass -- as the blades close, technicians watch for any gap between the cutting edges, which must meet perfectly for the entire movement of the tool. If light shows between the back-lit blades, the scissors don't pass. The scissors have razor-sharp jaw edges -- perfectly matched. When completely closed, the sharp points lie directly over one another, allowing an exact cut even at the very tip of the tool. The curve of the jaws allows work with the tip only, keeping the rest of the shears away from sensitive tissues. DOVO's scissors sheath, made to match the cuticle scissors, helps protect the delicate points of the tool. For best care, don't use them for trimming nails or any other purpose beyond cuticle care. Using them for anything else could damage the scissors and void the warranty.

DOVO, a family-owned business since 1906, specializes in cutting tools for the beauty and personal care industry. DOVO's hot-forged tools are still largely hand-produced by highly skilled craftsmen at the company's Solingen, Germany facility. Less than a hundred people work at the plant, creating about 1,500 pairs of scissors and shears every day.

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