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Daggers and Bayonets

Book of Collectibles | WWII Daggers, German Bayonets, etc.

Posted by Ken

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Collectible Bayonets and Daggers fromOne hundred and twenty eight pages devoted to nothing but daggers and bayonets!

Logan Thompson takes us on a journey, from ancient times up through modern day, explaining and detailing the history and evolution of these two types of knives. He provides many illustrations and pictures, showing us German, British, and French bayonets, for example, along with several different types of daggers. Particularly good are the descriptions of the transformative effects on warfare of both daggers and bayonets.

Divided into two main sections -- one for daggers and one for bayonets -- this book devotes roughly sixty pages to each. There is a third mini-section of a few pages that is devoted to finding these collectible knives and restoring them to their original beauty.

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