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Dark Ops Tactical Knife

Interceptor Escape and Evasion

Posted by Ken

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Dark Ops Tactical Knife Here's a tribute tactical knife honoring the lives of the men and women who fought bravely during the tragedy of September 11. The tribute is etched onto the obverse side of the blade.

And what an honor! The Interceptor 9/11 is nicknamed "Escape & Evasion," and it incorporates the most (and best) features we've ever seen into a tactical knife of this caliber. Let's start with the blade: the 8.25-inch result of a super-hard (and rare) CTV2 stainless steel alloy meeting to a combination spear/tanto point at the end, for starters. You'll also find a lethally-sharp sawtooth edge on the top of the blade, as well as extended serrations near the guard, ideal for underwater cutting.

From here on, the list of life-saving features is exhaustive! Here are a few we like: the patent-pending Splitter Hilt to cut harnesses and cables, the choil-notch bottle opener/peacemaker, the paracord hilt ports, and the window-breaker on the pommel.

There's something very ominous about this knife. You really don't want to be on the receiving end! And maybe that's the message Dark Ops was silently marketing when they put an expensive price tag on the E&E.

But the other message is exactly the opposite. American honor runs through the steel of the Interceptor 9/11 E&E, and you can't really put a price tag on that.

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