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Dexter Russell Fillet Knife

Soft-Grip 8 inch Flexible Fishing Knife

Posted by Ken

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Dexter Russell Fillet Knife This knife from Russell Harrington is made for outdoor usage, and especially for filleting fish.

The narrow and flexible eight inch blade is designed for easy use by the most experienced user to the least experienced.

The soft grip handle is made to be used with slippery hands, so the grip is secure. Its made of polypropylene, which can withstand drops and will withstand any weather conditions. It's also easily cleaned.

Dexter Russell is well acquainted with making knives, being part of the largest and longest-lived professional cutlery manufacturer in the USA.

A scabbard is available to protect the blade as well.

For those looking for a good quality, comfortable fillet knife that will stay sharp, then this knife will fit the bill. It runs about twenty bucks on Amazon, while the 9 inch version is about five bucks more.

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