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DMT Knife Sharpening Diamond Whetstone

Fine Grit 6 Inch W6FP

Posted by JT Hats

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DMT Knife Sharpening Diamond Whetstone Diamond Machining Technology produces this space age whetstone, in the same dimensions we've always used but with materials and efficiency far beyond what we've grown to expect from ordinary carburundum. This solid nickel sheet, with a surface layer of fine diamond grit alternating with plastic discs that speed sharpening by reducing glaze, sits on a solid plastic base with rubber feet that keep it in place without scratching important finished surfaces.

The 600 grit abrasive works either wet or dry, requiring a quick rinse after use to prevent buildup of metal particles. This range of grit is good for finishing an edge, but for reworking major damage, changing the angle of a bevel, or other serious work you'll need a coarser grit than this. This fine grit stone is the last step before the honing steel.

The diamond sharpening stone will not dish, and makes honing of straight edges especially efficient. It will even work well on harder Japanese steel and is a suitable alternative to slower cutting ceramic waterstones.

Two and 3/4 inches wide by six inches long, this stone has enough surface area to do fast and accurate work on many grades of steel, ceramic, and even glass.

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