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Double Edge Stainless Steel Dive Knife

General Edge Razor Back | Ankle Sheath

Posted by Ken

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Double Edge Stainless Steel Dive KnifeA dive knife only needs to have a certain amount of features to serve its function - I like dive knives with a good straight-edge blade, a serrated section of blade, a line cutter, a tank signal, a convenient sheath, and good resistance against water exposure. This knife offers most of those functions, but this is a very simple design so don't expect much. The spear tip, double edge blade (8 5/8-inches in length) is made from one solid piece of 420 stainless steel. 420 stainless steel is very common in dive knives because it is resistant to corrosion, holds a decent edge, and is a tough enough metal for the general purposes of divers. One edge of the blade has a partial section of sharp serrations, good as a line cutter, and the bottom of the handle, being made of steel, would work fine as a tank signal. The sheath attaches only to the ankle, so consider if that works for you before buying.

The great thing about this knife is that it is easy to keep clean. The simplicity of the design means that getting salt and grime off the surface is no problem. I would say, for the serious diver, definitely look elsewhere. But if you only get to diving a few times a year, and don't find much need for your knife, then this would be a fine choice.

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