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Double Shadow Fantasy Knife by Gil Hibben

United Cutlery Sci-Fi Collectible Display Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Double Shadow Fantasy Knife by GilGil Hibben designed the 11-1/4-inch Double Shadow Knife specifically for United Cutlery in 1991. Part of Hibben's Fantasy Knife Series -- an exclusive property of United -- the Double Shadow shows the sci-fi style that eventually won Hibben a place as the designer of Klingon weapons for Paramount Studios.

The Double Shadow has the "energy blade" look that's part tuning fork and part dagger and makes good visual sense in a strange way. The 5-1/2-inch blade is divided into two parts, each with a hollow ground cutting edge, and does look as though it could emit force as well as stab. The very heavy bladeguard and spiked pommel are of the same 420 stainless steel as the blade, and the grip is silvery wire with a tight spiral twist that's wrapped in even layers around the tang.

Although the knife can be sharpened, the blade design is not a strong one, and the 420 steel isn't of the best practical quality. Components were designed for display, and the steel was chosen for corrosion resistance and beauty rather than tensile strength and edge-holding. Hibben's maker's mark is stamped on the blade. The Double Shadow knife comes with a custom-fitted leather sheath.

Hibben's knives are favorites of many collectors, and the series he designed for United is still one of the company's best.

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