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Dovo Solingen Large Black Straight Razor

Stainless Steel Solingen Steel

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Dovo Solingen Large Black StraightAs we've seen before, an elite and close shave isn't going to get much better (if at all) unless you're using razors made from Solingen steel blades. Here's one of the razors manufactured by Dovo that features a Solingen blade as well as several other elite touches to tickle your fancy.

The impressive name that Solingen has made for itself is duly deserved. For instance, the razors are subjected to one heck of an intense forging process and then scrutinized for perfection. This is where you may have heard the term "singing razor." When struck, each razor should produce a very distinct musical pitch. If not present during quality control checks, the razor is discarded.

The blade pictured here is manufactured from high quality stainless steel with the words Dovo Prima Klang etched onto the display side of the blade. Near the handle, the blade's manufacturing credits read "Dovo Solingen, Made In Germany." As if that weren't enough, the company's name and logo are plated onto the blade in genuine 24-karat gold.

The handle is made from a synthetic black material impervious to rust and ruin. Flush-mounted and polished nickel fasteners keep the handle secure, and you'll see a gold-plated spacer inside the handle as well.

This Prima Klang blade measures 2.875 inches with a 5/8" rounded point. When outstretched, the entire razor measures 9.75 inches overall.

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