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Dovo Straight Razor

Solingen High-Carbon Steel Straight Edge Blade

Posted by Ken

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Dovo Straight Razor No, you don't need to be a barber to shave with a straight razor. There's a thriving community of straight razor shavers out there and Dovo is one of their trusted brands.

Dovo has been making straight razors, scissors, shears and other tools for over one hundred years. They are headquartered in Solingen, Germany, a town that has become synonymous with high-quality steel making.

This blade has a 5/8 inch round point blade with the Dovo mark etched in gold on the blade. The steel is made with a high carbon content, which means it can hold a very sharp edge. It also means it can stain, so you should take care to dry it after use.

The handle is solid wood with inlaid logo.

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